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Once again, gun control is back on the agenda and is being debated everywhere following a shooting at a high school in Florida that killed at least 17 children and adults on Wednesday, February 14.

Several US lawmakers, including Florida senator Bill Nelson and Nevada senator Cortez Masto, have raised their voices on the need for gun control in the country.

While Nelson said that something has to be done to stop violence in the society, Masto said that the time has finally come to take some action for the safety of students and teachers in the country.

"We ought to say enough is enough. The question is once you get into the investigation: How did the shooter obtain the weapon? Was it a high-caliber weapon? Was it obtained lawfully? And, if so, that ought to have people start thinking about such things as background checks on the purchase of a gun and the question of an assault rifle if in fact one was used," Nelson told CNN.

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Meanwhile, Masto tweeted, "Our schools should be a place where students and teachers feel safe. How many more senseless tragedies does this country have to endure until Congress acts?"

Check out the tweets of other lawmakers who have called for gun control:

However, some of the social media users believe that gun control is not a permanent solution to violence. According to them, gun control could "only hurt innocent people." Some blamed "declining family values" for an increase in crimes in the society.

"#guncontrol hasn't worked all that well in my city (Chicago) The mayor's attempt to strip guns away from law-abiding citizens through gun control only hurt innocent people. Criminals didn't listen. What makes you think it will work this time?' tweeted a netizen.

"Gun control is and always has been both unconstitutional and useless. Criminals will always have guns," said another Twitter user.

"Don't talk to me about #GunControl if it doesn't involve taking guns away from the police and military," wrote a social media user.

"Instead of #guncontrol, lets talk about the real problems in our society: A population on powerful anti-depressants, Normalized violence in our culture, Narcissistic social media, Declining family values. Infringing on our 2nd Amendment is not negotiable. Never will be," said another netizen.

"#guncontrol willnotstopshootingsorkillings Horrible people will still find a way to take innocent lives, with a gun or no gun!" tweeted another person.

On the other end, a section of Twitter users believes that gun control is the only way to stop the violence.

"People don't need thoughts & prayers, they need to make #guncontrol happening! Search who is receiving money from the Gun Industry among your Government, & have them resign! To have #GunControlNow , you need your Gvnmt to be filled with people who believe in it! #FloridaShooting," said a netizen.

"Australia had a gun massacre problem in 1996 but unlike the U.S they Passed #guncontrol After a gunman massacred 35 people in Port Arthur in 1996 Australia severely restricted firearm from 1995 to 2006 the rate of gun homicides fell 59 percent," stated another netizen.

Here are some of the other tweets demanding gun control: