A 44-year-old man from Florida was taken into custody by police after he was caught slipping beef tongue worth $34 into his pants. The man was apparently shopping in Wal-Mart when the incident took place. He has denied trying to shop lift.

According to a report in Huffington Post, the man identified as Jason Puckett was charged with misdemeanor theft last week after the security personnel of Wal-Mart spotted him slipping two packages of beef tongue into his waistband.

According to DeLand police, when questioned by the security guard at the store's exit, Puckett denied stealing the packages and said that he had placed them back at the shelf. However, the guard said that later Puckett removed the tongue packets from his pocket and placed it back on the shelf before running away from the store.

Puckett was taken to jail and then released on Tuesday at $2,500 bail.

This is not the first time someone has been arrested for attempting to steal from supermarkets in Florida. Earlier in June this year, a 30-year-old woman faced petit theft charges after officials said she stuffed seven frozen lobster tails in her pants. She then walked out of a Publix supermarket without paying for them.

Nichole Ann Reed was apparently seen walking out of the supermarket with lobster tails in her pants but was caught by police an hour later. When questioned by the police, Reed told them that she had gone to the supermarket with the intention of stealing the lobster tails, which were priced at $83.99. She apparently had planned to exchange the tails with a friend for either a Chinese buffet or the prescription pain medication.