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Apple iPhones are people's best choice when it comes to premium smartphones, but the price tag attached to them is a major turn off for many. While Apple refrains from offering any discounts, offline and online retailers strike a balance by giving attractive EMI options, festive discounts and cashbacks to make iPhone purchases possible for shoppers.

It is often seen that online retailers like Flipkart and Amazon offer attractive deals and discounts on iPhones, but now an offline retailer Sangeetha Mobiles is taking away the limelight with its "flat 50% off on all iPhones" offer. Flipkart is also hosting Apple Days sale from Feb. 12 to Feb. 15, and here we are going to explain you the offers given by both retailers.

Sangeetha Mobiles' "Flat 50% off on all iPhones"

It's hard to believe at first, but the offer is quite real. But as in any case of a really good deal, there's a catch. Before we get to that, let's give you Sangeetha Mobiles' discounted price list of all popular iPhone models, including iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE and also the costliest iPhone – iPhone X.


Offer price


iPhone 8 Plus 256GB

Rs 45,499

Rs 91,110

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB

Rs 33,999

Rs 77,500

iPhone 8 64GB

Rs 25,500

Rs 67,940

iPhone 6S 32GB

Rs 21,499

Rs 42,900

iPhone 6 32GB

Rs 14,990

Rs 31,900

iPhone SE 32GB

Rs 9,990

Rs 26,000

iPhone X 64GB

Rs 47,699

Rs 95,390

All these prices are subject to certain conditions. The above-mentioned prices of various iPhone models are effective prices after an exchange of an older iPhone or any phone with a value of over Rs 10,000. Below is a helpful chart of which phones are accepted for the exchange by Sangeetha Mobiles to be eligible for the best prices.

For (Models)

Eligible phones for exchange (Minimum)

iPhone SE 32GB

iPhone 5S

iPhone 6 32GB

Any phone worth Rs 10,000

iPhone 6S 32GB

Any phone worth Rs 12,000

iPhone 7 32GB

Any phone worth Rs 9,000

iPhone 7 128GB

Any phone worth Rs 16,000

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB

Any phone worth Rs 17,000

iPhone 7 Plus 128GB

Any phone worth Rs 19,000

iPhone 8 64GB / 256GB

iPhone 7 32GB

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB / 256GB

iPhone 7 32GB

iPhone X 64GB / 256GB

iPhone 7 32GB

In addition to the exchange offer, Sangeetha Mobiles is giving Rs 1,500 cashback or 5 percent cashback on the value of the phone on EMI transactions. HDFC customers get anywhere between Rs 7,000 to Rs 12,000 cashback on all iPhone models.

Flipkart Apple Days sale

Any online shopper is well aware of the caveats associated with each and every hyped deal online. In the case of Flipkart's Apple Days sale, there are some exciting offers on iPhones that are slightly different from Sangeetha Mobiles' deals.

Apple iPhone X
A man holds two boxes for the Apple's new iPhone X at the Apple Store in Regents Street in London, Britain, November 3, 2017.REUTERS/Peter Nicholls/File Photo

First thing you'll notice is that Flipkart is offering up to Rs 10,000 cashback on iPhones purchased on EMI using ICICI Bank Credit Cards. Cashbacks vary from one model to another, so we thought it's wise to put it down in a table below:


Cashback + discount

Effective price

iPhone X 64GB

Rs 10,000 + Rs 6,001

Rs 72,999

iPhone 8 64GB

Rs 8,000 + Rs 8,001

Rs 47,999

iPhone 7 32GB

Rs 4,000 + Rs 6,001

Rs 38,999

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB

Rs 4,000

Rs 52,500

iPhone 6S 32GB

Rs 2,500 + Rs 5,001

Rs 32,499

iPhone 6S Plus 32GB

Rs 2,500 + Rs 9,001

Rs 37,499

iPhone 6 32GB

Rs 2,500 + Rs 4,201

Rs 22,799

iPhone SE 32GB

Rs 2,000 + Rs 6,001

Rs 17,999

Shoppers can choose from the best options available to them. HDFC customers can head over to Sangeetha Mobiles for better deals, while ICICI Bank Credit Cardholders can shop online via Flipkart for best iPhone offers.

Hat tip: New customers can walk into Sangeetha Mobiles and ask for HDFC consumer durable loan, which doesn't require you to have any credit card. Do watch your credit score, though!

Happy shopping.