Flat earth theory
Representation of flat earthScreengrab from YouTube

Flat Earthers who believe the earth is a flat disc have now openly criticized NASA for staging the latest Insight Mars landing. In a recent talk with Metro.co.uk, popular British flat earth believer Gary John argued that the American space agency has misdirected the general public.

NASA staged Mars landing in Hollywood movie sets?

During the talk, Gary John also claimed that NASA is not capable of controlling the spacecraft considering the mammoth distance between the earth and Red Planet.

InSight lander
InSight, short for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport, is a Mars lander designed to give the Red Planet its first thorough checkup since it formed 4.5 billion years agoNASA/JPL-Caltech

"I don't believe it for one second. We're being misdirected. There's a question mark about space. I think that there is a load of rubbish, a lot of it is all animation. It would take light about 13 minutes to reach us. They can't make course corrections, they can't steer it. It's like driving on the motorway in rain, but it would take 13 minutes to turn on the windscreen wipers," Gary John told Metro.

Gary John also raised his doubts about the pictures of the Insight Mars lander which NASA released recently. As per John, the Mars lander will be loaded with dust once it lands the Martian surface, but the images of the lander which NASA released is very clearly void of dust on its body. The flat earth believer even added that NASA might have staged the entire event in a Hollywood movie set.

John also argued that NASA is spending billions to garner the attention of the general public, and he speculated that some hidden mission and motivation might be there behind all these moves.

Did NASA stage the 1969 moon landing?

This is not the first time that flat earth theorists are raising questions about NASA's missions. Earlier, several flat earth believers alleged that NASA has staged the 1969 moon landing.

Harrison Schmitt
Young Harrison Schmitt inside the Lunar Module on the surface of the Moon following the final moonwalk of Apollo 17Wikimedia

Flat Earthers strongly believe that our planet is disc-shaped and is floating in the space. As per these conspiracy theorists, the earth is protected by giant ice walls in the polar region, and it is protecting us from falling down to the infinity of space.

A few days back, NASA successfully debunked the flat earth theory by releasing the image taken by a satellite one million miles away. However, adamant flat earth believers claimed that the picture released by the United States space agency was made using animation and computer graphics.