All "The Flash" fans know that The CW series will return on air from Tuesday, 6 October, and as a reward for waiting so long, they have been treated to a new promo video. The small clip sends the message that Barry Allen will be back on time, but the choice of the words got fans excited.

"Barry Allen, Cisco, and all your favourite characters are returning for a brand new season, Tuesday October 6th on The CW!" read the caption for the latest promo for "The Flash". However, the words on the video read, "Tuesday, 6 October, is coming Fast!" as Barry (Grant Gustin) says, "right on time." 

As Barry is fast and the choice of words is "coming fast", fans pointed out the sexual innuendo in the promo. Here are some of the fans' reactions to "The Flash" Season 2 promo:

Jacob Grossman: He's coming fast.. really? No one else pick up the badly advertised choice of words.. sexual innuendo much. I know he runs fast.. but coming? dude

Worldwideex: They coulda said "he's runnin fast" instead lol


redshared: I thought coming fast was a bad thing...

Meanwhile, some others noted a substantial change in the logo on Barry Allen's Flash suit. 

Dan Truong: 0:01 The iconic comic book white circle lightning bolt logo :D

Watch the new promo for "The Flash" season 2 here: