Zoom removed his mask and revealed his identity in Season 2 Episode 15
Zoom removed his mask and revealed his identity in Season 2 Episode 15 Facebook/The Flash

The identity of Zoom (Teddy Sears) is no longer a mystery for the fans of "The Flash" because the villainous speedster had removed his mask towards the end of the previously aired Season 2 episode 15, "King Shark." The upcoming episode of "The Flash" will be aired until Tuesday, March 22, meaning fans have no respite from obsessing over Zoom, his evil plans and how Barry will defeat the villainous speedster.

We have explained in a previous article that Zoom is Hunter Zolomon of Earth 2, and that Teddy Sears will play the Earth-1 and Earth-2 versions of both Jay Garrick and Hunter Zolomon in the remaining episodes of "The Flash" Season 2.

The motive behind Zoom's actions is unclear, other than the fact that he wants to be the fastest man in all of multiverse. However, what is his end game or, more specifically, what he wants to do with all that speed remains unclear.

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Meanwhile, Barry (Grant Gustin) and the rest of Team Flash are still not enlightened about the identity of Zoom. Regardless, they are planning to take the fight back to Zoom and bring Dr Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) and Jesse (Violett Bean) back to their home in Earth-2.

The decision would prove to be disastrous unless Barry masters some new techniques to defeat Zoom, because the Earth-2 speedster has nearly killed the Earth-1 speedster every single time that have had a fight. If Barry were to defeat Zoom, how could he do it?

  • All-star speedster showdown: Once Wally gets his powers and become the Kid Flash, he can join Barry and Jay, who is hopefully in a coma and not dead, and travel to Earth-2 to face off against Zoom. If Trajectory, who will debut in Season 2 episode 16, can be brought to the right side of law, she could join the boys in their mission as well. Admittedly, Zoom is faster that all of them individually, but together the Flashes old and young may have a shot at defeating him. Not to mention, it would be one epic battle to watch.
  • Cisco's sonic waves: Throughout the season, fans have seen Cisco's (Carlos Valdes) powers being explained one by one. When he travelled to Earth-2, he saw that his evil doppelganger Reverb has truly embraced his meta-human powers and has been using them to help Zoom. It would be a waste to build up Cisco's character and not have him take part in a huge fight this season. If Cisco were to create sonic waves like Reverb, it would allow for him to slow Zoom and give Barry the opportunity to fight with him on the same plane.