Google Servers are down currently with many users facing "Try Later" messages on popular Google Pay, while Google mail users are unable to open their email accounts. The impact seems to be far wide and complaints on social media have multiplied with questions. 

As of 6:45 PM IST, the situation remained grim and no clarification has come from Google across its variety of platforms. While speculations of hacking are making rounds, it is not confirmed what has happened on Google's backend so far.

Google DownTwitter

Online social media is abuzz speculating that it could be a hacking impact but no confirmation has come from the search giant.

Currently, the following Google services are down:
Google Maps
Google Play Store
Google Meet
Google Drive
Google Photos
Google Ads

Google servers down
Graph on Google serversTwitter

There is no statement from Google as of now whether it was a maintenance procedure. 

The Google logo is displayed outside the company offices in New York, US, June 4, 2019.Reuters

(This is a developing story, to be updated later).