On Friday, June 16, along with Om Raut's Adipurush starring Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh, and Saif Ali Khan was released along with the Hollywood flick The Flash, starring Ezra Miller.

The Flash

In the movie, the actor dons the Scarlet Speedster costume after originally donning it for a cameo appearance in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, this time for their own solo film. Barry Allen, played by Miller, meets a different version of himself as well as not one. However, the ardent fans who have watched the film have spotted a poster of Lord Hanuman in Barry's room.

Netizens have reacted to Lord Hanuman's poster in the film The Flash.

One of the users wrote, " If you don't get tickets to Adipurush, don't worry. Visit the screen next to it and watch Hanuman bhakt #TheFlash in #TheFlashMovie #JaiShriRam"

Another wrote, " Please encourage #TheFlash. Flash is a big fan of Hanuman #Adhipurush #AdipurushOnJune16."

Another cited that, "In Marvel's Black Panther, there is a dialogue before a fight seen. "Glory to Hanuman".

The third one wrote, "#TheFlash is the disciple of Lord Hanuman. Even if you couldn't get the tickets of #Adipurush you can still book tickets for Hanuman Bhakt The Flash."

The fourth one mentioned, "Hanuman ji was in #TheFlashMovie and #TheFlash is in #Adipurush #AdipurushReview."

"Hanuman ji ka photo behind #theflash is the best thing to watch out for in the movie", mentioned the fifth user.

Andy Muschietti's The Flash was widely appreciated among Indian cinema lovers for a poster of Lord Hanuman Barry Allen's Room. In a multiple-frame scene, where Iris West (Kiersey Clemons) has a conversation with Barry Allen Lord Hanuman's poster is seen at least twice.

Here's why Lord Hanuman's poster was added to the movie.

As 'Flash' is a superhero in the DC comics who uses his speed in fighting crime and criminals. Lord Hanuman also known as Vayuputra, is the spiritual son of the wind God Vayu and is extraordinarily strong and is often depicted flying carrying the Dronagiri mountain on his palm.

This isn't the first time, a Hollywood film has used Hanumanji's reference, earlier in 2018, Marvel's Chadwick Boseman starred Black Panther and had several references to Lord Hanuman as well. Lord Hanuman was shown as the divine strength of the Jabari tribe. It was said that when Jabari's refused to submit themselves to the rule of Wakanda's first king Bashenga, and were banished to mountains, Lord Hanuman provided for them.

In the film Prince T'challa (played by Late Chadwick Boseman), M'Baku wore a gorilla mask and praised Lord Hanuman in the famous 'Glory to Hanuman' dialogue.

Images of Lord Hanuman were portrayed all along the Jabari territory.

As per reports in The Pamphlet, "None of these scenes were shown in India as the censor board removed these references saying that it would hurt religious sentiments in the country."