A tourist takes a picture under storm clouds during a camel safari tour alongside the Pacific Ocean on Lighthouse Beach, north of Sydney, December 4, 2014.Reuters

If you have the love for travel and have always wanted to try backpacking, there should be nothing that stops you. If you are planning to take that much-awaited trip for long, shed all your doubts and jump right into it. The first experience will help you to gain confidence and give you lessons to plan better trips in the future.

However, at the same time, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind before you go backpacking. 

Be flexible

Be flexible with your plan, with your time and everything else. If you are a backpacker, it means you are travelling to a place to enjoy its local culture and experience everything in a much more personal manner. This means that you need to be open to surprises all the time. It will only help in adding more adventure.

Pack right

You are a backpacker and this probably means that almost everything you need on a trip will be stuffed in one rucksack. So, when you pack, make sure you compartmentalize everything so that you don't have to take all the stuff out just to find one small thing.

Handle cash with care

Travelling to a remote or offbeat place means that there are chances you will not find an ATM or digital payment facilities. In such a case, you have to carry a lot of cash. But make sure you don't keep all the cash in one place. Divide all your valuables and keep them at different places for obvious reasons.

Forget luxury

You have chosen to be a backpacker and this simply means that you are willing to travel on a tight budget. So, what do you do? Cut back on all the unnecessary expenses and totally forget about the luxury. It will not only save money but also give you a better perspective.

Document, but experience more

It's good to click pictures and document all your experiences but this should not mean that you forget to enjoy the little things. Talk to strangers, make friends, try different foods and if you find some time while doing all this, take some pictures. Live in the moment!