Who does not want to go on a vacation right now? The mere thought of sitting on a beach, letting the cool seawater touch your skin or star gazing up in the mountains can bring a smile to your face. While vacation may or may not be a good idea right now, given the dangerous virus out loose, some celebrity vacation inspiration can surely bring you some momentarily respite.

Taking a cue from the ever-popular and rule bender sisters, here are five pictures of Kylie and Kendall Jenner setting vacation goals.

1.  Kylie and Kendall relaxing on the beach

This throwback picture of the Jenner sisters and Kylie's little one, Stormi is what dreams are made of. The two sisters can be seen lounging on the white sand in their bikinis, taking in the summer sun. This picture was uploaded on Instagram by Kendall back in April. But it is hard to tell where it was taken.

2.  Kylie enjoying a sunny day

Clear blue skies, patches of silver clouds, and the background of mountains. It seems like heaven on earth. Here's a picture of Kylie Jenner enjoying her latest getaway. And you just cannot miss the makeup mogul's stylish vacay fashion.

3.  Kendall enjoying the fireworks

The beauty of the night sky filled with bright stars or fireworks is incomparable. Sitting on what looks like the top of the world, Kendall is seen having a quiet moment appreciating the beauty of fireworks in the night sky.

4.  Kendall hiking with her dog

A must-do for all animal lovers, hiking can be a great stress buster. Take inspiration from Kendall who took her beloved dog along with her on a hiking trail. Looks like the two had a fabulous time together.

5. Kylie and Stormi on a beach

Last by definitely not the least, here is Kylie and her two-year-old daughter having some mama-daughter time stranded on a beach.