Aditya Roy Kapur and Katrina Kaif's Bollywood movie "Fitoor," which was released just ahead of Valentine's Day for love birds, has received mixed review from the audience around the world.

"Fitoor" is a romantic drama film, which is inspired by Charles Dickens' novel "Great Expectations." The story of the movie revolves around three characters -- young Kashmiri boy Noor, his muse Firdaus, and Begum. It is a journey through love lost and realised over the course of two generations. Abhishek Kapoor has penned the screenplay for the movie in collaboration with Supratik Sen.

Noor is an impressionable boy, who is lured by a wealthy woman named Begum. Noor falls in love with Begum's daughter Firdaus. The heart broken Begum finds her mark in Noor. As time passes, Noor leaves his hometown to build his career in Delhi. He strives to be part of the sophisticated social circle of Firdaus. How Begum plots retribution on their young and innocent love forms the rest of the story.

"Fitoor" has a beautiful love story, which the audience describe as a visual poetry. Aditya Roy Kapur, Katrina Kaif and Tabu have delivered stellar performances, which are the highlights of the film. Produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur, the movie has fantastic production elements and music, and cinematography is a big attraction on the technical front, say the viewers.

The slow and dragging narration is the biggest drawback and trimming certain scenes could have been made it a classic. The movie is a good treat before this Valentine's Day, several film goers added. After watching the film, many viewers shared their verdict on their Twitter handles. We bring you some unique comments. Here is the live update of "Fitoor" movie review by audience:

Devansh Patel ‏@PatelDevansh

It's Intermission - J'adore you #Fitoor It's a task to tell a story told by the 19th century storyteller & make it relevant in the 21st century. Art & Poetry comes alive in #Fitoor #KatrinaKaif is intimidating, alluring & endearing in #Fitoor - I've started to have a 'thing' for women with red hair. Flawless! Girls, get your new six pack pin up. His name is #AdityaRoyKapur & in #Fitoor his adolescence will just melt your heart.

Mukesh chhabra CSA ‏@CastingChhabra

Bowled over by #Fitoor. The film is honest and pure. @Abhishekapoor has made a visual poetry. Fitoor has a heart of gold. Kudos. Loooved it. DOP Anay Goswami should be called Picasso Goswami. What beautiful frames in #Fitoor! Both Noors,Aditya R Kapoor n Abrar; young Noor created magic in the universe of #Fitoor. Aditya is so honest and so charming! @utvfilms

Anaita Adajania ‏@Anaita_Adajania

Must watch #gattu 's lilting visual delight #Fitoor !!So proud to be a part of this amazing film.The cast supersedes expectations!@utvfilms Just when you think #Fitoor 's visual beauty can't rise any further,in breezes ,an ethereal #katrinakaif ❤️ & raises the bar to a new level! In the midst of @Abhishekapoor 's beautiful film stands #AdityaRoyKapoor to lift the rawness and obsession that is #Fitoor. So proud ❤️

Shalz ‏@smiley_shalz

So fitoor is a BEAUTIFUL sketched love story of #firdaous #noor ....the first half is beyond dreamy.. let's see how the second half is now And #fitoor is beyond amazing....hats off to Aditya tabu and katrina. ...loved each part of's a perfect valentine watch guys... Love love LOVE the concept #fitoor hats off abhishek kapoor for recreating a beautiful story...a sure shot hit...!!! #katrina is just beyond beautiful in each an every shot....just don't know how can someone look THIS gorgeous everytime #Fitoor #mydubai The only reason am disappointed watching the movie is the song #pashmina's not included.... why did they cut their immense hard work But they should have atleast shown it at the end....when the credits were given! #Fitoor

SimrataSingh ‏@SimrataSingh

Wonderful starting credits... Everything calm, serene and mesmerizing just like Kashmir #Fitoor @utvfilms @GuyInTheSkyPics Grace, Intensity and Magic...Tabu is unmatchable #Fitoor Young Firdaus and Noor are outstanding and have set a great base for the lead to take it forward...

Mehak ‏@Mehak_Luvs_Rani

Half way through #Fitoor. The cinematography is breathtaking. The chemistry between Aditya & Katrina is to watch out for @DMmovies @utvfilms The suspense around #Tabu's character seems to be an integral part of #Fitoor. Complicated but intriguing. @utvfilms @DMmovies The child actors playing Noor and Firdaus are exceptionally brilliant. One of the best parts of the film @utvfilms @DMmovies @FitoorTheMovie

Dr Ejaz Waris ‏@drejazwaris

Watched #fitoor. Good looking couple and excellent camera fails to save movie from drowning. Much ado about nothing . Script disappoints.

Sassy Shif says ‏@SassyShifSays

@FitoorTheMovie Such pure, raw and innocent #LOVE is what #Firdaus & #Noor are made of! #Fitoor needs a date this Valentine's Day! @utvfilms

Sucharita Tyagi ‏@Su4ita

#Fitoor #Interval. LOVING IT SO FAR! Its just a LITTLE slow. But I cant wait for the big twist, having read Great Expectations. Abhishek Kapoor entwines Kashmir, the color Red, love and longing so beautifully. A visual delight of there was one. #Fitoor #Interval Aditya Roy Kapoor as the 23 year old Noor is innocent, raw, and so, SO endearing. I would give up ANYTHING for this man. #Fitoor #Interval Katrina Kaif as Firdaus looks like Kashmir came to life and became a beautiful woman. So convincing, so ethereal. #Fitoor #Interval And Tabu, Tabu, OMG Tabu. Her Begum/Miss Havisham is exactly what I imagined it to be, except better. Sad, heart broken, repulsive. #Fitoor

Prashant Pandey ‏@prashu2u

#Fitoor is mesmerizing and Poetic. A natural flow and brilliant performances made my eve. My rating- 3.5 /5

Harish Pednekar ‏@PednekarHarish

Watch the film for @Abhishekapoor's direction, dialogues and touching acting prowess #Fitoor @utvfilms .@Abhishekapoor brings out the best of #AdityaRoyKapur #KatrinaKaif and #Tabu #AdityaRoyKapur is back with terrific performance after a long time #Fitoor #fitoor is a sure shot winner! @Abhishekapoor impresses once again! @utvfilms .@RochelleMRao you were the surprising element in #fitoor

Maya ‏@Sharanyashettyy

Aditya roy kapoor is awkward and perfect as noor. To fall in love with Beautiful...literallly spellbinding movie..the sets,,the.characters...the locales @Abhishekapoor manages to show u what beauty is. #Fitoor

Aniruddha Guha ‏@AniGuha

Only hero, as far as I'm concerned. Stellar work. Between his chiselled body and her awful diction lay a promising film that never quite materialised. My review of #Fitoor out later today.