Smoke from building (Representational Image)
Smoke from building (Representational Image)Reuters

Twitter was abuzz with conspiracy theories - all blaming the outgoing Congress government - after a minor fire broke out on the seventh floor of Shastri Bhavan, which is a prominent government building in the national capital.

The fire was noticed in the building at around 9.40am on Wednesday morning, according to reports. Firefighters rushed to the scene and the fire was eventually put out.

It was initially thought that the fire may have been caused due to a short circuit issue. However, a forensic team has now been put on the administrative building to ascertain whether the incident was an accident or a deliberate act of arson.

The forensic team will also go through the files and other materials destroyed in the fire before reaching a conclusion.

It should be noted that Shastri Bhavan houses major government departments, such as Corporate Affairs and - more importantly - Coal and Mining. 

Several Twitter users voiced their suspicion, pointing fingers at the outgoing UPA-government.

"Fire at shastri bhavan, delhi. Trying to destroy evidence and records?" tweeted Omkar Kalbag ‏@oak83.

Taking a direct hit at the government another Twitter user - Manoj Menon‏ @ekanthpathik - said: "Instances of fires in Govt bldgs hav gone up since Congress realised its days r over."

Another user - Ashutosh Jhureley ‏@ashjhureley - feels that the fire may have suceeded in destroying all proofs on the scams of the previous government. "Finally all proofs against scams going to vanish..." he tweeted.

Topics under the hashtag #ShastriBhavan were trending on Twitter. It is worth noting that the soon-to-be Prime Minister Narendra Modi had repeatedly attacked the UPA government over the Coal allocation scam, more popularly known as the Coalgate.

Modi had once hit out against the Congress-led government, in one of his statements, claiming that the party was stealing coal, while thousands of crores worth of power project has gone defunct. 

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