Mars image (NASA)
Mars image (NASA)NASA

In search for alien-life on Mars, New England-based non-profit organization, Explore Mars has proposed a mission to fire missiles on the surface of the Red Planet, Mars in order to get a better idea of the life on Mars.

The missiles will contain probes that will help in the hunt for life on the Mars as scientists believe that microbes could lie below the planet's surface.

Explore Mars's project, named Exolance, has to overcome few challenges before any missiles are fired on the planet. First, it is important for Exolance to ensure that the equipment is strong enough to withstand crashing into the planet. Secondly, Exolance must find a ride to reach the Mars. Currently, it is holding on to a mission that is already geared up for Mars. "It will be tough getting the technology on board a spacecraft headed to Mars. Still, it demonstrates that penetrators are being seen more and more as credible platforms for planetary exploration." New Scientist quoted Alan Smith at University College London.

NASA, the US Space Agency, has long being trying to get below the Red Planet's surface in search of life underneath. Presently, NASA's Curiosity rover has equipment that can enter a few centimeters into the Mar's crust. "Curiosity doesn't go very deep – it is literally scratching the surface," said Chris Carberry, executive director of Explore Mars, based in Beverly, Massachusetts.

In 2016, NASA will launch its InSight lander mission, which will feature a 'mole' that can penetrate up to five meters below the planet's surface, while European Space Agency will launch ExoMars in 2018 that can drill up to two meters down in search for life on the planet.