Salman Khan and Orhan Awatramani
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A picture of Salman Khan and Orhan Awatramani has taken over social media. In the picture, Salman and Orry can be seen standing together while Khan faces his back towards the social media influencer. Orhan, on the other hand, is seen posing in his trademark hand style without anyone being there for him to give his 'lucky touch'.

Salman Khan sings 'Saari Duniya Jala Denge' at Anant Ambani's pre-birthday bash
Salman Khan sings 'Saari Duniya Jala Denge' at Anant Ambani's pre-birthday bash

From Nita Ambani, Radhika Merchant to Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor Khan; Orry has managed to get a picture with his 'lucky touch' with the biggest names of the industry. But, not this time. Salman Khan didn't seem to be in a mood to indulge in the young influencer's shenanigans and the picture that came out is a proof of that.

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Social media, obviously, has a lot to say on this. "Can't do things his way with Salman Khan," wrote a user. "Salman will break him up if he gets angry," another user wrote. "No trouble with Salman Khan," a social media user commented. "Salman be like – keep your blessings away from me," one comment read. "Salman would give him 20 lacs if happy but not pose his way," another comment read.

Salman Khan
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Ranveer decodes Orry's touch

One more person wrote, "Finally someone refused," on the picture. Orry had once said in his interview that people feel his touch is lucky and good things start happening to him but they get touched by him. "Orry is a case study. Now the science of Orry is, this is known as touch. If Orry touches you this way and put on social media it means you have been approved by Orry. And if not then it means you need to work on," Ranveer Singh had once said.

Responding to it, Awatramani had quipped, "The higher the touch, the more relevant you are."