Fifty Shades Of Grey
Fifty Shades Of GreyScreenshot/Facebook page

"Fifty Shades of Grey" is just a month away from release and it has reportedly been given "R" rating as it features "graphic nudity". The rating has been issued by MPAA. The film reportedly contains abnormal behaviour, strong sexual scenes and suggestive language.

The film is based on the erotic bestseller by the same name and "R" rating comes as no surprise, according to Cinema Blend.  However, Jamie Dornan, who plays Christain Grey in the film had said in his previous interview that there are no unnecessary full-frontal nude scenes in the film as found in the E.L James book.

"You want to appeal to as wide an audience as possible without grossing them out. You don't want to make something gratuitous and ugly and graphic," he said to The Observer. Apparently, Sam Taylor-Johnson has approached the sex scenes with caution.

"Sam is a very bright woman, so there might be some suggestive elements to it, but I haven't seen it at this stage, so it is hard for me to say. I'm aware of what we shot, and it wasn't as if we shot a film without any action," the model-turned-actor added.

Meanwhile, the film is scheduled to have its international premiere at Berlin Film Festival. The film will be screened on 11 February as the part of Berlinale Special Gala. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson will be representing the film at the festival. The film festival will run from 5-15 February and "Fifty Shades of Grey" will be screened only one time.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" tells the story of a business tycoon Grey, who falls in love with a college graduate, Anastasia Steele. As their relationship gets thick, Grey introduces Steele to his secret side and a whole new world of eroticism opens up.