In this world where everyone is trying to be like someone else, where being unique means "being same," it's important to find your own identity and actually be DIFFERENT. At a time in the world when herd mentality is common and acknowledging oneself is an act of rebellion, it is important to celebrate uniqueness! Here is a list of characters who did not conform to their expectations but did what they liked.

Ferdinand (2017): Starring John Cena, Ferdinand is an adorable bull who doesn't want to conform to society and refuses to fight in the arena as a normal fighter bull. Even as everyone makes fun of him, Ferdinand stands his ground, rises to the occasion and teaches the importance of being yourself. Watch Ferdinand for the first time ever on Indian TV on October 1, Monday, at 11 am on Star Movies Select HD


Zootopia (2016): Judy, the rabbit, who wanted to be a cop in a world where only rhinos, lions and tigers were in the police division protecting the city! She went against what everyone believed, to prove that she wasn't going to conform to the norm and succeeded in doing what she loved.


Shark Tale (2004): Lenny is a shark but he is a vegetarian! Yes. Lenny has taught us one's profession and family background should never dictate how you live your life. Do your thing, identify your strength and believe in yourself. Follow your heart and have your own beliefs, that will make your family and your friends respect you.

Shark Tale
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Casper (1995): Ever heard of a ghost that hated scaring people? Well, that's Casper, a friendly ghost, who is always willing to befriend human beings and trying to help them. He didn't think he was any less than a human, always making everyone laugh with his antics and making sure everyone feels at home with him.


Madagascar (2005): Alex, the lion, who is cute, cuddly, friendly and smart unlike what we usually hear of them, Alex was always unusual. His friendly nature was what kept his group of friends together. Willing to go to any length for them, Alex is a perfect example of following your dreams and being proud of what you are. Oh! and there are a series of Madagascar movies you can binge on. 


For starters, watch Ferdinand that will air for the first time ever on Indian TV on October 1, Monday, at 11 am on Star Movies Select HD.