Merriam-Webster names feminism word of the year

At a time when women are encouraged to speak up for themselves, a group named 'Save Indian Family – Karnataka', organised a puja on Sunday (September 22) to end feminism, or as they very eloquently put it, the 'FeminismPisachini'. 

Nope. Not kidding. 

A ridiculous press release was out last week and it was shared on Facebook by a page known as 'The Spoilt Modern Indian Woman' with the caption that read, "Come to think of it, I was indeed feeling sick on 22nd September 2019. #FeminismPisachini"

In the press release, the organisation said: "The puja is to end the #FeminismPisachini, which professes equality but seeks female dominance, entitlements and privileges without responsibilities."

The press release added: "Members of Save Indian Family – Karnataka will be taking in a Pinadaan and Pisachini mukti puja on September 22nd 2019 from 12:30 PM onwards. This is a nationwide initiative, being done simultaneously at 50 locations on the same day. This is following a resolution passed at the recently held 11th Annual National Men's conference ion Nagpur under the Save Indian Family movement."

The release concluded saying: "The pinadaan is offered to signify the death of the #MeToo campaign. #MeToo has done more harm to the gender discourse in India where on a mere statement in the social media, innocent men have been framed and socially convicted without any trial leading to the new era of 'Digital Mob-lynching' of men."

Along with this, a helpline number has also been provided for men to complain about women. This is taking male victimisation to a new level and social media is not having any of it.

This is not all.

The puja was actually done and as there is video evidence of the puja with photos of the poor insecure men who want to end feminism because their masculinity is threatened. There is also a picture of the men who have taken part in the puja.