The last episode of AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" season 1 titled "The Good Man" ended with a hiatus, leaving the audience wondering about the fate of both Travis' and Salazar's families.

The series has performed well by constructing the platform for its already popular sequel "The Walking Dead." The episodes in "Fear the Walking Dead" dealt with the situation perfectly as was expected by the fans.

Besides the direction, the story of season 1 has been compact and fast paced with more focus on the zombies/walkers than the main cast. At the same time, the story also took care of the fact that the audience gets familiar with all the cast members.

Maybe AMC is going to implement the tactic it uses often in "The Walking Dead"; first, making the cast familiar to the audience so that they can relate to them and afterwards, starting to kill the cast members.

However, when the National Guard was introduced for the first time in episode 3 titled "The Dog," the story slowed down a little bit and continued that way for the rest of the season.

Undoubtedly, National Guard is going to be the central element of the story in season 2. It seems AMC has got plans to surprise the audience that may include Travis finally joining the zombies and attacking his own family.

Hopefully it is going to work, otherwise the show may fall in the queue of cancelled ones.

For now, the biggest challenge AMC faces regarding season 2 is to make sure that Travis and other members of his family continue to have an impressive impact on the storyline and not turn into an unnecessary element in the plot.

Also, since the show is a prequel to "The Walking Dead," AMC has to take care of the fact that season 2 follows the events that are in synchronisation with its sequel and doesn't deviate at odd angles.