Episode 3 of "Fear the Walking Dead" titled "The Dog" is all set to be aired on 13 September (Sunday).

While the sneak peak by AMC doesn't tell much about what exactly is going to happen, we can only speculate how the events are going to turn in the next episode.

In an earlier report, we pondered on the speculation about what will happen if Chris is bitten and turns into a walker.

In the sneak peek, Travis, Liza, Chris and Salazar family is trying to escape a zombie-infested town. Griselda Salazar is severely injured, suggesting a possible hint at her turning into a walker very soon.

Given that if she bites Chris, who happens to be one of the most prominent characters in the series till now, things can turn pretty unexpected. There is a good chance that such a shocking event can benefit the show as audience will be intrigued to a great extent.

So what if Chris becomes a walker? How will Travis and Liza cope with it? Could it affect Madison, Nick and Alicia in any way?

There are numerous possibilities. The most logical and interesting one would be of Chris dying at the hands of Matt. It will be brutal, but fascinating at the same time.

Killing his own son would surely leave Matt in trauma. Next we know, he may turn delirious and attack Liza or any of the other characters or may end up killing himself.

This whole plot speculation sounds too dark and grim to happen, but one never knows when the show's creators decide to incorporate one of these plot elements in actual storyline.

What exactly is going to happen in next episode will be unravelled only when 'The Dog' airs this Sunday. Till then, we can speculate on a few more storylines of our own based on the events of the previous two episodes.