"Fear the Walking Dead" fans had a no show on the Labor Day weekend, 6 September (Sunday) when AMC pushed the air date of Episode 3 "The Dog". While many fans were disappointed, many enjoyed the re-run of Episode 2 "So Close, Yet So Far".

But now, it looks like things are back on track, as the next episode is expected to be aired on 13 September (Sunday).

The upcoming episode titled "The Dog" will see Travis and Madison having a hard time to cope-up with the situation as they both will be at different places unable to meet each other. In the official synopsis, Travis, Chris, and Liza unite with the Salazar family after getting away from a deadly riot while Madison combats a walker back at home.

In the episode 3 sneak peek, we see the group making their escape in a van with Travis on the wheels. Chris is sitting next to him looking bewildered and trying to figure out the situation. Liza and the Salazar family (Daniel and Griselda) are at the back of the pickup van. Griselda, Daniel's wife, is severely injured as a scaffolding fell on her.

It seems very soon there will be a walker in the group. What if Griselda turns into a walker and bites Chris? How the events will turn if one of the main casts becomes a walker?

Though there is no hint from AMC regarding any of the main cast turning into a walker in near future, it is always a possibility. In the sequel of The Walking Dead, a number of lead characters turned into walkers. So, there is a significant chance that it will happen in the next episode of the series.

In the sneak peek, we see the police hoarded near a hospital. As the group is moving past the hospital, a person in a doctor's uniform, presumably a walker, keeps moving slowly towards the officers. To the group's horror, police starts shooting and the person falls down.

Given that it will be really a tough job to make the way through zombie-infested town, it may happen that the group is attacked by a hoard of walkers and as Griselda is already injured, she may fall a victim to one of the walkers. The group obviously won't leave her to die, especially Daniel. So they will try their best to take her to a nearest hospital.

In the meantime, Griselda may turn finally into a walker and attack Chris. Despite all the efforts made by Travis and Liza, they would be unable to save Chris and slowly he will start showing signs of a walker.

Even though it's just a speculation, the story will definitely get much interesting if such a series of events occur. However, what really happened after the escape can only be found out when "Fear the Walking Dead" episode 3 "The Dog" airs on 13 September.