In the latest sneak peek -- released by AMC -- of "Fear the Walking Dead" episode 3 titled "The Dog", Travis, Liza and Chris along with the Salazar family are on a run from the walkers who have swarmed the town.

We had earlier reported that Chris may turn into a walker and Travis would be forced to kill him.

CLICK HERE to watch how the situation may turn up for Chris and his family once he becomes a walker.

According to the report, Griselda Salazar, who is severely injured after a scaffold fell on her, may bite Chris as she is accompanying him and his family including Travis and Liza. If it happens, the story would definitely turn pretty unexpected.

If Chris becomes a walker, there would be numerous possibilities on how the story would proceed further; Matt may have to kill him, someone else from the group may get infected or all of them may decide to journey separately.

The speculation is seemingly too dark and grim to occur, but it will surely give the show a strong boost. However, the final decision lies with the show-runners of course.