It was around a couple of months back that Anthony Fauci, a former head of the White House coronavirus task force claimed that coronavirus is a perfect storm with no end in near sight. The comments from Fauci came at a time when the United States was showing signs of containing the pandemic. However, Fauci, at that time predicted that coronavirus is there to stay and he made it clear that the general public should stay extra vigilante to keep the pandemic at bay. 

Fauci's words turning true
However, post the US presidential election, the country is recording a drastic surge in coronavirus positive cases. According to experts, election rallies without abiding social distancing measures have played a crucial role in elevating the number of positive cases and deaths in the country. 
On November 25, more than 2,304 deaths were recorded in the United States, while the number of positive cases was 1,81,124. It should be noted that it was on May 6 that the country recorded more than 2,500 deaths previously. 
The recent surge in coronavirus cases clearly indicates the necessity of implementing strict lockdown measures in the coming days. 
Christmas adding up to the worries
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A few days back, experts from the United Kingdom have warned that the world will face a dramatic rise in coronavirus positive cases after Christmas. According to these experts from the UK, celebrations without abiding social distancing measures could elevate the possibilities of more elderly deaths after Christmas. 
According to the latest updates, the total number of coronavirus positive cases in the world have surpassed 60 million, while the death toll has crossed 1.4 million. The United States continues to remain top in the COVID-19 chaos chart with more than 13 million positive cases, and over 2,68,600 positive cases. In India, the number of positive cases has crossed 9.2 million, and the death toll has crossed 1,35,000.