Some sections of Pakistani clergy have reportedly issued a fatwa against Indian model Arshi Khan who had recently tweeted about her alleged physical relationship with cricketer Shahid Afridi. 

In September, the Indian model had tweeted that she 'had sex with Afridi' and had even said a few days later that she was pregnant. 

Arshi Khan later told IBTimes India that she was not pregnant and it was only a 'false alarm'. 

The model took to Twitter on Saturday to say she was "very disappointed with Pakistan" following news of the fatwa against her.

"Very disappointed with Pakistan. Not a word of support for me from anyone against d fatwa. Wake up Pakistan," Khan tweeted. 

She even posted a video of her response to the fatwa stating that she was not afraid and that she was in love with Shahid Afridi. 

She had also claimed that she had received threat calls from Pakistan following her tweets. 

"Anybody wants to kill me or throw ink on me. Most welcome - Shiv Sena & Maulanas. Pathan ki beti hoon mein, aur Allah mere saath hein," Khan tweeted. 

Arshi Khan had earlier talked to IBTimes India about her relation with the Pakistani cricketer. 

"Shahid Afridi is a very very good friend and I love him madly. A man in Islam can legally marry four times. Right now we are not talking about marriage and I have great respect for Afridi and his family. I always pray that Almighty Allah may grant and grace his family with peace and happiness always," Khan had said.

The model has been in the news for controversies in the recent months, and had accused self-styled godwoman Radhe Maa of running a sex racket.