Indian model and actress Arshi Khan was in news after she stated on Twitter that she had "sex" with Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. A few days later, she made another tweet saying that she is pregnant.

The back to back tweets of "having sex with Shahid Afridi" and "being pregnant" gave an impression that she was pregnant by the cricketer's baby.

In an exclusive interview with IB Times India, Arshi Khan stated that she is not pregnant.

"Did I ever say I was pregnant with Afridi's baby? Actually to set matters straight, it was a false alarm. A proper test has confirmed now, that I am not pregnant. Even I was shocked and surprised, because I had not made out for a long time, yet I skipped my periods for two months in a row and when I just ran an OTC (over the counter) test, it came out positive. So I was scared like hell. But a detailed test showed that I just had some hormonal issues," Arshi Khan said when asked if she is pregnant by Shahid Afridi's child.

While Shahid Afridi has a wife named Nadia Afridi and also four daughters, the Indian model earlier stated on Twitter that she is ready to marry him if he wants to.

When asked if such statements on her part would affect Shahid Afridi's relationship with his wife, Arshi Khan said, "Shahid Afridi is a very very good friend and I love him madly. A man in Islam can legally marry four times. Right now we are not talking about marriage and I have great respect for Afridi and his family. I always pray that Almighty Allah may grant and grace his family with peace and happiness always."

The controversial model and actress who has worked mainly in Tamil and Malayalam movies, will be seen in an upcoming TV show in Pakistan titled "Arshi Ka Swayamvar".

"The show is very similar to 'Rakhi Ka Swayamvar' and the other one in which Rahul Mahajan got married to Dimpy. More than that I cannot say, as I am bound by a contract with the channel that does not permit me to discuss the show with the media," Arshi Khan added.