PUBG Mobile is still a favourite mobile game for many, even though alternatives like Call of Duty have taken lead in some ways. The popularity of PUBG Mobile isn't dying anytime soon as the developers continue to give more and more reasons for its millions of players to stay hooked to the game.

PUBG Mobile has come a long way since its launch and we've seen several new modes in Arcade, from TDM to Payload and more. While these Arcade modes are exciting for short gameplay, the classic matches are still the favourite for strategic action. PUBG Mobile players have their favourite weapons, which divides players within the same team arguing about which gun is better.

PUBG Mobile players are often arguing about AKM vs M416 or Kar98 vs M24 and other weapons. But it is one's personal preference and comfort to use a certain weapon combination that wipes out the enemy. All that matter is, in the end, is getting that rewarding "Chicken Dinner."

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Understanding PUBG Mobile weaponsPUBG

But if you need a better argument to show why your weapons are better, history is a great place to start. Here are some of the popular PUBG Mobile weapons and their place in history to give you a winning argument:


PUBG Mobile: AKM
PUBG Mobile: AKMScreenshot

AKM aka Modernized Kalashnikov Automatic Rifle is the modernised version of AK-47 assault rifle developed by Russia in the 1940s

AKM is widely preferred by many soldiers for its ease of use and the most widely used shoulder weapon

AKM was extensively used during the Vietnam and Soviet-Afghan wars

AKM is the favoured weapon for many guerrilla and nationalist movements in the world

In PUBG Mobile, it is more popular than 5.56mm ARs in close combats


PUBG Mobile best guns: Kar98 (7.62mm) sniper rifle
PUBG Mobile guns: Kar98 (7.62mm) sniper rifleScreenshot

Karabiner 98 kurz or Kar98 is noted for its long-range precision shots

Kar98 was extensively used by German forces during World War II

Kar98 was the primary choice in almost every war waged by the Germans across occupied Europe, North Africa, Soviet Union, Finland, and Norway

Kar98 is highly sought-after collector's items today

In PUBG Mobile, Kar98 is widely preferred to snipe rivals from a distance


PUBG Mobile: M16A4 gun
PUBG Mobile: M16A4 gunScreenshot

M16A4 is the world's most-produced firearm of 5.56mm calibre

M16A4 was first deployed by the US forces during the Vietnam war for jungle warfare operations

M16A4 is widely adopted by the armed forces around the world

In PUBG Mobile, its burst fire can make for a great combat weapon and its ideal for medium to long-range combat as well. Its burst mode has the fastest fire rate than any AR in the game.


PUBG Mobile best guns:
PUBG Mobile guns: UZI SMGScreenshot

The Israeli UZI is a popular handgun choice in the SMG category

UZI became highly popular for its lightweight, compact and ergonomic design and it's cheap

UZI has huge historical significance

In PUBG Mobile, UZI can be really handy to get an advantage over enemies in close-range combat


PUBG Mobile: VSS rifle
PUBG Mobile: VSS rifleScreenshot

The Russian VSS is also known as Vintorez, which translates to thread cutter

VSS origin dates back to 1980s during the Russian-Afghan war

The Spetsnaz units continue to use VSS for undercover operations

VSS gets a special case and it can be stripped down completely, ideal for black operations

In PUBG Mobile, VSS is excellent for sniping as the player needn't scout for scopes and other attachments

Thompson (Tommy Gun)

PUBG Mobile: Tommy Gun
PUBG Mobile: Tommy GunScreenshot

The American submachine gun, the Thompson or Tommy Gun, is the symbolic choice of Chicago gangsters

Tommy Gun is also known as 'Tom Song', 'Annihilator', 'Chicago Piano', 'Chicago Style', and 'Chicago Organ Grinder' for its fame in organized crime in the US

Tommy Gun has celebrity status as it has found a place in numerous Hollywood movies

Thompson is one of the best-known firearms in history and collector's prize for its relevance from WWII and the Prohibition Era

In PUBG Mobile, Tommy Gun has the maximum damage than any other SMG in PUBG Mobile

Did you know these facts about the popular PUBG Mobile weapons? Stay tuned for more such fascinating facts about games.