Afghan woman Farkhunda
A picture of Farkhunda, an Afghan woman who was beaten to death and set alight on fire on Thursday, is seen during her funeral ceremony in Kabul March 22, 2015.Reuters

A fact-finding team that investigated the murder of Farkhunda, the Afghan woman who was lynched by a mob of men last month, has said that no mullah was involved in the crime, dismissing earlier reports that a mullah had accused her of burning the Quran after she had raised an alarm that he was deceiving people. 

Farkhunda was beaten to death and burnt in under 25 minutes by an angry mob that assumed that she had burnt the holy book, the team said on Thursday, according to Afghanistan's TOLO News. 

A video of the savage lynching was widely shared online, sparking global anger at the incident. 

Local media had reported that Farkhunda was killed for speaking out against a mullah of the Shah-e-Do Shamshera Mosque, who was allegedly deceiving residents by handing out false "tawiz" - a paper containing Quranic verses worn by Afghans as a good luck charm and to ward off evil.

TOLOnews had said in an earlier report that the mullah, angered by Farkhunda's allegations against him, wrongly accused her of burning the Quran, which led to her lynching by an angry mob.

 The team also said that her murder was not pre-planned.