Upcoming video game Far Cry Primal from Ubisoft is the newest in the Far Cry franchise that will be transporting players to a time 12,000 years ago, what is otherwise known as Mesolithic age.

The prehistoric man is what Ubisoft wants its players to play. They will brave nature and battle its various wild beasts and tribes that have not crossed the threshold of civilisation. Simple improvised weapons will be used to kill the ghastly creatures that inhabit the Earth.

But before the game is released on 23 January, to PS4 and Xbox One, Ubisoft has detailed a new "Night in a Cave" competition that is valid for residents of France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands. All participants must be above 18 years of age. 

The competition entails any competitor to "tweet" the "motivation" to enter the competition using the "@farcrygame" plus "#caveBnB". The competition is valid from 18 to 21 January.

The winner of the competition will be given a three days and two nights package for exploring a cave located in the Pyrénées area (Ouzous) in France. The sponsor will be paying for accommodation, transportation, catering and travels costs. Ubisoft has shared the details here.

The video below parodies how the winner will be treated to mother nature's open space for sleeping, central heating and bathroom usage.