Far Cry 4
Far Cry 4 was released on 18 November, 2014.far-cry.ubi.com

The release of the fourth main game in the Far Cry series, Far Cry 4 takes players to the fictional Himalayan kingdom of Kyrat with a new protagonist, Ajay Ghale and a new antagonist, the tyrannical Pagan Min.

Below are some of the tips and tricks for Far Cry 4 that players themselves have posted that will quicken the gameplay.

YouTube user, Daryus P posted a video that shows how to liberate Bell towers quicker. We can see a player riding on a buzzer and landing up on the tower carefully. This mission will unlock the End Transmission Trophy.

YouTube user, Daryus P. posted another video that shows the location of the Buzzer and how and where to find it. Players will be finding the Buzzer near the Banapur village in Khilana Bazaar. This will make the Bell tower liberation easier.

Daryus P also posted a video pointing at an unlimited money glitch. The video shows the protagonist heading to the liberated trading post (Khilana Bazaar) and in the meantime, players will have to sell the leaves (Purple Leaf) they would have picked up along the way if they want to do some trading.

Players will also be able to travel fast to the Kyra Tea Weigh station, a liberated outpost where one can pick up the Blue Leaf and sell it for money. After this, players will have to travel back to the liberated trading place they had started from. And due to a glitch, players will be able to collect the Purple Leaves that they had previously collected. They can repeat this process, going to and fro between these places.

Another video asks the players not to mess with the Rhinos in Kyrat since it can mean trouble. We can see the NPCs attacking the Rhino that was grazing grass and in a single attack it upturns the enemy vehicle.

Players will also be able to unlock an alternate ending to the Far Cry 4. In the video, the YouTuber asks us to wait for close to 15 minutes in the palace of Min. This is after Min's army kidnaps the protagonist and co-passenger from the bus (at the game's start). Later, these people are brought to his place for questioning. The co-passenger tries to use his cell phone and is caught by Min. So the co-passenger is taken for questioning by Min. This is when players have to remain in the room until Min comes out and acknowledges his presence.

So, when Min finally comes back, he is impressed with Ajay for being a gentleman, having to wait so long.

Min will take Ajay to a place with a temple and inside he will find the ashes of his sister. He puts the ashes of his mother next to it and returns back to Min. The game ends there. This basically allows players to finish the game within 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft has said it is aware of the "Error Messages" in the game.

It said in a tweet that, "We're aware of the current error message that appears when trying to access the Ubisoft Forums. We are currently investigating this issue."

Many players on PlayStation 3 were reporting that they were experiencing "Fatal Error" messages that rendered the game unplayable. This issue has been prevalent to all the player around the world, according to the complaints on the official Forums.

It has been suspected that Far Cry 4's 1.01 patch is the culprit since, the game is working well for those who have not down loaded the patch.