• Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
    Kim Kardashian and familyTwitter/Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has recently garnered a lot of attentions with her controversial nude photos and leaked sex tape, which went viral on the social media.

The wife of Kanye West and mother of North West has managed to remain in the news with her explicit photos.

Recently, two photos of the bold socialite were leaked online. The pictures were reportedly clicked for Love magazine's upcoming edition. In the images, the "Keeping Up With Kardashians" star has, as always, dared to expose all her assets.

The selfie-obsessed actress has also posted many controversial selfies on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Previously, her 'Break the Internet' pictures for Paper magazine's Winter 2014 edition became the most talked-about and viewed topic on the internet.

Now, it seems like many online users as well as her fans are fed up of her habit of showing off her body. Many have responded that her recent photos are not at all shocking as the world has already seen the leaked sex tape with her husband. 

Check the reactions below:


at what point is Kim Kardashian going to realise that the entire world has seen her sex tape, these naked photoshoots aren't so shocking?


I'm so sick of seeing Kim Kardashian naked. You're someone's mother. You act like we can't all log on & see you screwing Ray J if need be.


Why does Kim Kardashian keep getting naked #youastupidhoe

Marie Brown

Why does Kim Kardashian constantly feel the need to get naked?! I can never unsee those images


I don't hate Kim kardashian but she's so extra. Like you don't need to be posting naked pictures all the time? Or just a normal photoshoot?

Mike Newell

we clown Kim Kardashian for posing naked. maybe she did it to be free? because now you can't hold it above her head as a means of control.


Another picture of kim kardashian. She's posed naked we have seen it all u have a daughter put it away already. Such an embarrassment


Imagine being Kim Kardashian's daughter growing up and finding your mum's naked pictures and her porno on the internet


I just don't find Kim Kardashian's naked ass attractive.


#DesperateToStayRelevant Kim Kardashian has some new nude pics. Besides the porn ppl, why would we want to see her ass & boobs again?

Fresh Kid

Oh enough, Kim Kardashian. Goes full frontal nude again! (photos): Another full frontal, Mrs West? TF? This time it...


I'm really bored of seeing Kim Kardashian naked. Like maybe in two years I'll want to see her naked again.

Katie Zivarts

Getting really bored of seeing kim kardashian naked lately...she must be desperate for cash...cover up for your daughters sake yuck!

Tim Hyde

Kanye West doesn't want Kim Kardashian to be on reality TV because it "cheapens the brand". But he's happy that she's done more naked shoots