Sara Ali Khan
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Sara Ali Khan recently returned to Mumbai after spending a nice time with her friends in New York. The actress was spotted outside the airport and got mobbed by her fans while he was heading towards her car. However, little did she know that her small encounter with her fans would soon take a ugly turn.

As usual, Sara happily obliged to her fans who asked for selfies with her by simply putting their cellphones right on her face. However, one of her fan crossed his limits and touched her inappropriately. While clicking a selfie, the fan stood close to her and dared to wrap his hand around her waist.

Sara was taken aback by the fans' inappropriate gesture and even gave him a cold stare during that moment. The actress may have been in a state of shock but she kept her composure and even obliged him with a selfie before heading towards her car.

Many people on social media have shown their outrage against the growing obsession of fans towards their favourite Bollywood stars.

"Omg what is wrong with people? No concept of personal space at all, especially the guy in blue who came too close and then the old man who was literally in her face with his cellphone," an online user expressed displeasure over the incident.

Another user wrote, "Scary at times that blue T-shirt guy came too close" while the other one said in disgust, "The guy in blue was touching her hand..tats so cheap."

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