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American pop singer Taylor Swift has recently been poked by popular sitcom Family guy for her bizarre habit of penning down revenge songs about her love life. Family Guy season 15 episode 6 is entirely dedicated to the Blank Space singer and her list of ex-boyfriends.

In the episode titled 'Chris Has Got A Date, Date, Date, Date, Date' — which is actually a pun of Taylor's Shake It Off — the animated version of the 26-year-old singer writes a cruel song called The Boy In The Giant Tux about Chris Griffin after breaking up with him.

Episode 6 of this famous sitcom featured Peter Griffin's son Chris is going out with the famous Taylor Swift on his school prom night. However, all of his fantasies crashed down when he saw a music video posted on the internet which is dedicated to him by Taylor. In that video, the song entitled "The Boy In The Giant Tux," Chris was morbidly described and ridiculed. The lad left heart broken and then went to confront Taylor but the singer explained, "I always do this. I ruin relationships with nice guys and John Mayer just so I can write songs about heartbreak and moving on."

Chris then goes on a rant, saying, "Taylor Swift, you are a spoiled, ostrich-legged, no-talent, big-footed freak.

You pretend to relate to your fans but you make your bodyguards carry your purse! All your songs sound the same! And your cats aren't that cute."

In the end, Swift apologises and writes a nice song about Chris. Meanwhile, Family Guy follows dark humour; it did not turn out well because the audience threw bottles at her during her live performance.

The singer's cartoon cameo in Family Guy season 15, episode 6 was not the first as she already did an appearance in a short scene back in season 12. The character was not voiced by Taylor Swift herself.

Watch the clip below.