In the latest episode of Fox's "Family Guy" Season 14, titled "Peter, Chris and Brian", it seems Peter encounters something that makes him realise an unexpected fact about his life.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, when Peter returns to his mother's home, he finds a videotape that makes him realise his life has been a failure. Because of this, Peter tries to make Chris spend time with Brian so Chris doesn't turn out like he does.

In the episode, Peter suddenly remembers his old porn stash at his mother's house, which she is going to sell soon.

While collecting it, he stumbles upon a videotape titled "To Peter from Peter". Curious, he plays it to find the tape is from the Peter from the past talking to the Peter from the future.

Though it is not mentioned in the synopsis what the tape says, but it seems it is not good as after watching it Peter realises his life has been nothing but a disgraceful failure.

In the previous episode titled "Peternormal Activity", Peter accidentally murdered a man and blamed it on his friends.

Peter, Cleveland, Joe and Quagmire accidentally killed a man they mistook to be their abductor. Peter immediately claimed he had nothing to do with the murder, and that his friends did it.

Meanwhile, Stewie tried to find a way to destroy Brian's new glasses as he felt it made Brian look more pretentious than usual.

Stewie was actually jealous of all the attention Brian was getting thanks to his new glasses. Unable to control his anger, he decided to destroy the glasses.