In the upcoming episode of Fox's "Family Guy" Season 14 titled "Peternormal Activity," it seems Peter will accidentally murder a man and try to blame it on his friends.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Peter, Cleveland, Joe and Quagmire seek inspiration for a horror movie idea, but accidentally murder a man who they think is keeping them hostage and attempt to blame the murder on someone else. Meanwhile, Stewie seeks to destroy Brian's new glasses when they seem to make Brian more pretentious than usual.

Peter has a knack to get in trouble no matter whatever he does, and this time also, it seems he has got into a very serious problem. His friends are equally stupid and hence, instead of helping him out, they also fall into the trap.

Elsewhere, Stewie is getting jealous with all the attention Brian is getting due to his new glasses. Unable to control his anger, he decides to destroy the glasses as he thinks it gives a fake personality to Brian.

The episode's name is a spoof of the movie "Paranormal Activity" where a family finds a house that is haunted. The movie used a hand held camera for direction and same style is adapted in "Peternormal Activity".

Earlier, we had reported that in the previous episode titled "Guy Robot," Stewie didn't like Brian's stand-up comedy jokes, so the two of them had a fight. To get back at Brian and make him jealous, Stewie built a robot friend.

However, when the robot outsmarted Stewie and dumped him, he reunited with Brian. Meanwhile, Lewis urged Peter to a buy a new mattress.

It seems Peter won't find easy this time to get out of the situation as it is a case of murder. Whether he will make an escape or not can be found only in the next episode.