When Bethesda introduced us to the upcoming Fallout 4 game earlier this month during the E3, we were totally taken aback by the kind of improvements the new game will arrive with, compared to the Fallout titles of the past. However, what came as an added bonus was the reveal of Fallout Shelter – the standalone mobile game.

While the game made its mark on iOS devices first, it finally arrived for users of Android as well, alongside a number of hacks and secrets for players to take advantage of. And to be honest, each week we get to see newer such hacks and tricks to make the most out of the game.

Likewise, this September there are a number of such hacks for the game that doing the rounds, with some of them actually looking like they could help out gamers in the long run. There are now new hacks to optimize everything in the game, aside from earning maximum cash and even making use of a certain negative time glitch.

Here's how to carry out the aforementioned optimization hack to earn maximum cash for Fallout Shelter:

Here's how to carry out the aforementioned negative time hack for Fallout Shelter:

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