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Fallout Shelter, a free yet addictive mobile game from Bethesda, aimed to be a stop gap arrangement before its developers drop the heavier, Fallout 4 in November. Fallout Shelter became an instant hit with the Fallout fans and others alike.

The game allowed the player to be the overseer of the Vault. He must see that the Vault dwellers are happy. The Vault dweller is characterised by seven S.P.E.C.I.A.L (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck) bar stats, which help the overseer to decide on positioning them and to know the mood of the dwellers.

These aspects help in exploring the Wasteland and in Vault's progress.

Many players would have reached the cap of 200 in Fallout Shelter. Some have faced issues with the Legendary Dwellers and Wastelanders. Below is the solution to these from Gamepur:

Legendary Dwellers: These are available via Cards that are found by unlocking Lunchboxes. They come in with an outfit and a weapon and have 40 plus level SPECIAL stats, which are distributed equally.

Many players have had questions of what to do with them once they reach the cap of 200. The report noted that players will find the Legendary Dwellers seated outside in a line. Once the players have 10 people waiting in these lines, Fallout Shelter will not allow players to open their Lunchboxes, unless they have done away with them.

Wastelanders: Wasteland is the land that is found outside the Vault, known so since the game has a post-apocalyptic setting to it.

But players have found that none of their dwellers survive the Wasteland and the answer to this according to the report was the possibility of players messing up their mobile time settings or them going into s different time zone. So in these cases, once they have it corrected, the issue will be fixed.

Tips and tricks to master Vault survival

Though we have many players who have reached the 200 cap, there could be the possibility of players missing out on some of them.

Gamepur has revealed some of the tips and tricks that could guide the players to do what it calls 'life or death struggle for Vault existence.'

One of the first things that players can do is restart their Vault after they have maxed out.

Below are the Fallout Shelter tips that it suggested:

  • Players must assign a worker looking at their clothing and personality. A women dweller in her nightgown is not fit to work in a Power Plant.
  • If a player finds that one of his dwellers is below three stats then, it is better they train them in improving the Luck stats.
  • When choosing a leader, they must take into cognise the Intelligence stats. A person with higher Intelligence stat must be made leader. Work must be assigned according to their stats. Players must make the leader to wear the Kings/Mayor's outfit when it is available.
  • Players must note that a dead dweller's weapon cannot be recovered.
  • The planning should be such that they must make sure only the Vault guards, soldiers and veterans must be armed.
  • If a worker is not being responsible to what he is assigned to, such dwellers must be assigned to exploration of Wasteland.
  • When assigning dwellers to the Wasteland, each one must be given five Med-Packs, two Radaway and a weapon.
  • Breeding must be done with a dweller with similar stats.
  • Players must be constantly building and upgrading things in the Vault. And once they start building a new portion, they must assign someone to that room. But players are warned that they should avoid building if they do not have someone who is strong enough (stat rate of 3+).
  • If legendary people have a child, and the child has better stats in comparison to the current leader, then he must be made the new leader. The old one is banished to the Wasteland, but, he must be given some rations. In the event of the dweller surviving for 1D, he must be taken back to the Vault as a worker.