New details, including the release date, have been confirmed for "Fallout 4" modifications (mods) for Xbox One from Microsoft and developer Bethesda. Players of the Xbox One version of "Fallout 4" will be able to receive the free updates from May 31, confirmed a Twitter post on the official Xbox page.

Larry Hyrb, the Director of Programming for Xbox Live, revealed in a trailer that this is the first time that mods are being made available to games on console. Players will be able to use the mods that are created by the gaming community.

Hyrb notes in the trailer that Xbox One mods are ported from the PC, where players use a new tool kit called creation kit to make these modifications.

The community-created mods will include dialogues, environments, characters, weapons and other features in "Fallout 4." He also revealed a new "Fallout 4" update, which will let players browse and search for the latest mods.

The trailer below also shows the four new mods that will be available for free when released.

Meanwhile, the gaming blog, GameSpot, reported of a Bethesda livestream that revealed that there will be a 2GB limit on the mod that players will be able to download on Xbox one. In order to free the space, players can also delete the old mods.

Playing these mods will not allow players to earn any achievements. The "Fallout 4" will have the mods pre-installed.

The company also noted that if anything goes wrong in the mod, the progress is lost. Players will be able to revert to their regular non-mod save game. It also said that when players use mods, the game creates a new save.