Fallout 4
Bethesda released Fallout 4 on 10 November.Twitter

Fallout 4 has been of enormous rage among the gaming community for a while now and its release on 10 November for PC, PS4 and Xbox One consoles created record sales for the company.

Fallout 4 was not free from issues post-launch, but it has not put off players, who have been playing it since then.

The game is set in the post-apocalyptic Boston, Massachusetts. This game is an open-world game and allows players to opt for female character as protagonist. Players will also be getting Dogmeat, a German Shepherd as companion.

Here is a guide that will help players to find the location of some free fusion cores, which happen to be a favourite with players preferring Power Armour.

Fusion Core is like mods that can be used in fusion to upgrade them. These can be obtained from faction.

Below is the list of locations that help players to find free Fusion Cores (Gamepur):

Location guide to get five Fusion Cores:

  • At Med-Tek research on top of the parking garage
  • In The Castle's armory (including from The Sarge sentry in the basement).
  • In Recon Bunker Theta, during the mission to recover the Brotherhood holotapes in "The Lost Patrol".

Location guide to get four Fusion Cores:

  • In the Revere satellite array next to Scribe Faris.
  • In an ammo box in a master level locked trailer at Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates
  • Can be stolen inside an ammo box from Elder Maxson's chambers

Location guide to get two Fusion Cores:

  • On a Sentry bot inside a cage, just a short walk N/W of Somerville Place
  • At Greenetech Genetics on the top floor behind a security door, locked at master level.
  • At Four Leaf fishpacking plant one in a generator on the roof, one in a generator in the middle level of the building and the other behind a security gate, on a shelf.
  • Can be stolen off suits in the The Prydwen's maintenance bay by sneaking behind them.
  • Can be found at the lake gift shop in a suitcase during the mission where you fight a group of raiders to liberate a village.

Location guide to get one Fusion Core:

  • The Museum of Freedom's lowest floor, Sturges asks the player character to retrieve it, but it can be taken without getting the quest.
  • ArcJet Systems in the room where the player character can restore power to the elevators.
  • In the mole rat den under the Red Rocket Truck Stop
  • In the basement of USAF Satellite Station Olivia
  • In the office of Cambridge Polymer Labs. You can get it either by picking the master lock or successfully finishing the laboratories research.
  • 11 Fusion Cores can be found in Hardware Town, in a box past the first two Raiders.
  • At the East of Finch Farm, in the pump station across the river. Pass code is written on the wall, below the door.
  • Erin Combes will give one fusion core for finding Ashes in the quest Here Kitty, Kitty.
  • In a generator near the elevator that leads to Sleepwalker's place near Andrew station
  • In a generator at Federal ration stockpile
  • Inside a waystation when following Dogmeat during the Reunions quest.
  • In the church of the Quincy ruins.
  • Inside the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star.
  • At the back of the raider camp at Roadside Pines motel in a yellow generator.
  • In a generator at the south end of Wilson Atomatoys factory
  • In a generator at Medford Memorial hospital on the second floor in a room in the west hallway.
  • South of the elevator on the bottom level at Malden center
  • In a dumpster behind the ice cream parlour, on the boardwalk, south of Revere Beach station.
  • Behind a mag-locked door (unlocked via terminal right above it) in the Mass Fusion containment shed.
  • In Mystic Pines (Northeast of Lexington) in a room towards the back. The door to this room is locked (Advanced) and requires 1 point in Locksmith perk to pick.
  • At the Starlight Drive In in the building behind the screen, with a locked (Novice) door.
  • In College Square in the building opposite the hanging man, near the wooden bridge. Go up the stairs, it's on the desk by the toolbox.
  • On the main road north of Poseidon Reservoir at a military checkpoint, in a power armor.