Sony PS4 owners will get Fallout 4 Mods after all; even earlier than expected
Sony PS4 owners will get Fallout 4 Mods after allBethesda

Fallout 4, the hugely popular action-adventure game, will now get mods for Sony's PS4 consoles with the next update. This should give PS4 owners reason to cheer as the latest development is an official one and the release date is pegged for November 2016. 

Bethesda announced this update via Twitter, and indicated near completion of the Fallout 4 PS4 mods. As of now, the Fallout 4 1.8 update is live and seeding to Windows PCs across the world.

The updates for Xbox One and PS4 are pending certification, which is expected to be achieved soon. Hence the release of these updates is also not far away.

Fallout 4 mods were made available for Xbox One in May this year. After this development, rumour mills were abuzz about Bethesda releasing PS4-exclusive Fallout 4 mods, but this did not happen and the reason was said to be the internal designing and internal logic of the PS4 console.

Now, as the Fallout 4 1.8 update is live for gamers owning PCs, you can check out the new fixes that this update incorporates: 

  • Fixed an issue in which some sound effects would not persist after reloading in an area.
  • Resolved an occasional crash when exiting to the Main Menu, and trying to start a New Game.
  • Fixed an issues with spaces in Mods search queries.
  • Cannot rate "WIP" Work in Progress Mods, and Mods can now only be rated after they have been downloaded.
  • Doubled the amount of browse-able tiles in the Mods menu.
  • Fixed a rare crash that would occur when a Mod had an unexpected data structure.
  • Fixed an issue in which Library and/or Favorite Mods categories would not display correctly in specific situations.
  • Fixed an issue in which some Mods images would not load when scrolling quickly.
  • A Sentry Bot firing dual Gatling Lasers will no longer cause the audio to cut out.