"Fallout 4," the popular action role-playing video game from developers and publishers Bethesda, recently received its first DLC pack, Automatron.

The Automatron adds a multitude of evil robots to the game, a handiwork of a mysterious Mechanist. The players have to hunt them down and they can also harvest its parts to build new custom robots. The players will have to team up with an army of such robots to take on the waves of evil robots that will also include Robobrain, which is known for its devious quality.

Such a hunt will lead to players gathering limbs, armour, abilities, weapons, new lightening chain gun, paint schemes and voices that will come in handy for their robot mods.

The Eyebots in "Fallout 4" are floating robots that have large speakers and antennas with weak laser weapon. The Eyebots act as media transmitters. "Fallout 4" players can send out these Eyebots to search for ammunition, junk items and other items in the game, but the players need to unlock Eyebots to do this.

Here is a guide to unlock Eyebot Pod in Automatron DLC of "Fallout 4," which was initially shared by Steam community's Jorbis in a post.

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Step 1: "Fallout 4" players will find the Eyebot's schematics within the Mechanist's Lair. However, players must have completed the DLC's storyline.

Step 2: After entering the Mechnist's Lair, the players will have to search and head near the raised area that houses computers and robots.

Step 3: Next, the players will have to turn the corner and enter the Mechanist's bedroom.

Step 4: Head to the table that is on the left side when entering, the Eyebot schematics will be placed on it.

Here is the crafting guide for the Eyebot:

After acquiring the schematics, which helps the players in crafting Eyebot, head to an outdoor settlement.

Next, after reaching the settlement, the players will have to click on the settlement crafting menu and open it.

In the settlement crafting menu, select "special" crafting tab > select "Eyebot Pod"

The players will require following resources to craft the Eyebot pod:

  • Copper - 2
  • Circuitry - 4
  • Aluminum - 6
  • Fiber Optics - 2
  • Nuclear Material – 2
  • The pod also needs 6 units of power in order to work.

Guide on using the Eyebot pod:

After building this pod, "Fallout 4" players will be able to access it via attacked terminal. When the player opens the terminal, there are various options that will let them tell the Eyebot what to search.

The guide advised players to place the pod on the ground for better results.