"Fallout 4," the popular action role-playing video game from developers and publishers Bethesda, has received its first Automatron DLC.

In Automatron DLC, players will see a mysterious Mechanist releasing a multitude of evil robots, which the players have to hunt down. Players can harvest the parts of such robots enabling to build their own custom robots. The players will need to form an robot army of their own to take on other evil robots that includes Robobrain, which is known for its devious qualities.

The players will receive limbs, armour, abilities, weapons, new lightening chain gun, paint schemes and voices for their robot mods.

Meanwhile, Sony was giving out "Fallout 4" Season Pass on March 18, free of cost from the European PlayStation store. This was later halted as it was confirmed to be an error and players who bought the Season Pass during this time will not be able to make use of it as it has now been removed from the game, Attack of the Fanboy reported.

Guide to download and install the Automatron DLC

A Reddit user (via Gamepur) has provided a step by step guide on how to download and install the Automatron DLC on Steam:

Step 1
Go into your Steam Library

Step 2
Notice the DLC section with your "uninstalled" DLC

Step 3
Uncheck the mark next to Automatron

Step 4
Check the now-empty box

Guide to access contents in Automatron DLC

Gaming website, Gamepur, has shared a guide that will allow players who installed the new DLC to access the contents in it. Here is how to go about it:

Listen to the distress signal in Commonwealth. To do this, the players will have to open their radio on the Pip-Boy and listen to the full message.

After you have listened to it, the quest log will be upgraded, subsequently.

Next, the players will need to "locate the ambush," which is rather difficult, since players might be at a different part of the map when they hear the radio signal. The report recommends players to open the map and look at the Institute's northern part and at the CIT ruins.

The target for the players is Wattz Consumer Electronics. First timers should head there without using fast travel and fight the enemies, the guide insisted.

Guide to build Robots in Automatron DLC

The new Automatron DLC gives players more leeway to customise robots, harvesting from the parts of the evil robots that players hunt down.

Gamepur has shared a guide to build robots in "Fallout 4," following Automatron DLC release.

After starting the DLC, the players will be required to complete the first mission in order to gain access to "Building a Robot Workbench" in the player's settlement. Once the players have gained access to the Robot Workbench, they can go ahead and start building robots. There are five achievements, and the report has shared tips on "how to unlock" them.

Here are the five achievements:

Robot Hunter

How to Unlock: Unlock 10 Robot Mods

Restoring Order

How to Unlock: Complete "Restoring Order"

Mechanical Menace

How to Unlock: Complete "Mechanical Menace"

The Most Toys

How to Unlock: Build 10 Robot Mods


How to Unlock: Complete "Headhunting"