Fallout 4
Fallout 4 was released on 10 November.Twitter

Gamers have been hooked to Fallout 4 since its release on 10 November, and Bethesda announced that it shipped record copies on the launch day.

Fallout 4's popularity has been unprecedented and it has remained true to the expectations that preceded its release.

Bethesda had not released any detail of the game before E3 2105 and confirmed it only during its first ever press conference at the annual event.

Fallout 4 was released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Below is a guide, thanks to Reddit user guilded_monkey, who has shared steps to get more than 20 settlers in the settlement. He managed to get about 28 settlers with the Charisma Level of 6.

  1. Set up a small settlement that functions as a recruitment center for the actual settlement (they used Hangman's Alley). What until there are more people than you want in your actual settlement.
  2. Equip items that give charisma bonuses.
  3. Move people to the actual settlement. (To do this on PC, you just press R while in workshop mode â€" it's basically like scrapping settlers.)
  4. Take grape mentats, which will boost charisma (they reported a final level of 15 at this point).
  5. Keep moving people to the actual settlement until the game stops you.

Guide to build companion relationships

If players are thinking of building on companion relationships, then thanks to Gameranx that has provided us with an easy guide on how to do it.

Fallout 4 allows the players to build relationships with their companions. Note that each of these companions come with their own perk that can be unlocked once the players reach "maximum affinity". Check the various traits below of each companion:

  • Cait (Human)
    Location: Combat Zone (Quest: Benign Intervention)
    Perk: Trigger Rush (when health falls below 25%, action points regenerate faster)
    Likes: violent and selfish behavior, chem and alcohol use, lock-picking, pickpocketing and theft
    Dislikes: eating corpses, murdering non-hostiles, generosity, peaceful behavior
  • Codsworth (Robot)
    Location: Sanctuary Hills
    Perk: Robot Sympathy (+10 damage resistance against robot energy weapons)
    Likes: generosity, giving away items, nice or peaceful behavior, armor and weapon mods
    Dislikes: selfish behavior, murdering non-hostiles, picking owned locks, speech success, pickpocketing and theft
  • Curie (Robot)
    Location: Vault 81 (Quest: Emergent Behavior)
    Perk: Combat Medic (heal 100 points if health falls below 10%; can only be used once each day)
    Likes: peaceful or nice behavior, generosity, giving items away
    Dislikes: being selfish, pickpocketing and theft, murdering non-hostiles
  • Paladin Danse (Human)
    Location: Cambridge Police Station
    Perk: Know Your Enemy (+20% damage when fighting Ferals, Super Mutants, and Synths)
    Likes: armor and weapon mods, being nice, using Power Armor and Vertibird
    Dislikes: being mean, picking owned locks, murdering non-hostiles, pickpocketing and theft
  • Dogmeat (Animal)
    Location: Red Rocket Gas Station
    Perk: None. But your Attack Dog perk can be used on him and he can be equipped with armor and handkerchiefs. He also starts with maximum affinity level.
    Likes: he automatically loves you and nothing will change that.
    Dislikes: see above.
  • Deacon (Human)
    Location: Old North Church
    Perk: Cloak and Dagger (+20% sneak attack damage, +20% Stealth Boy duration)
    Likes: peaceful and nice behavior, computer hacking, lockpicking, speech success, generosity, giving items away
    Dislikes: violent behavior, corpse-eating, alcohol and chem use, murdering non-hostiles
  • Hancock (Ghoul)
    Location: Goodneighbor (Quest: Recruiting Hancock)
    Perk: Isodoped (get criticals 20% faster at 250 rads and up)
    Likes: generosity, peaceful behavior, giving away items
    Dislikes: murdering non-hostiles, mean or selfish behavior, pickpocketing and theft
  • MacCready (Human)
    Location: Goodneighbor (Quest: Long Road Ahead)
    Perk: Killshot (+20% chance of headshots in VATS)
    Likes: violent behavior, picking owned locks, pickpocketing and theft, speech success
    Dislikes: nice or peaceful behavior, murdering non-hostiles
  • Piper (Human)
    Location: Diamond City (Quest: Story of the Century)
    Perk: Gift of Gab (+100% XP bonus for speech challenges and discovering new locations)
    Likes: generosity, giving away items, a little bit of meanness, picking non-owned locks
    Dislikes: eating corpses (don't we all?), selfish or violent behavior, murdering non-hostiles, picking owned locks, pickpocketing, theft
  • Preston Garvey (Human)
    Location: Museum of Freedom
    Perk: United We Stand (when facing three opponents or more, +20% damage and +20% damage resistance)
    Likes: generosity, giving items away, a little bit of meanness, calm behavior, weapon mods
    Dislikes: selfish or violent behavior, corpse-eating, murdering non-hostiles, picking owned locks, pickpocketing and theft
  • Strong (Mutant)
    Location: Trinity Tower
    Perk: Berserk (+20% melee weapon damage when health falls under 25%)
    Likes: giving items away, generosity, being violent, eating corpses (so if that's your bag, this is a match made in heaven unless you have a Must Love Dogs policy)
    Dislikes: lockpicking, healing Dogmeat, using Power Armor or Vertiberd, speech success
  • Valentine (Synth)
    Location: Vault 114 (Quest: Long Time Coming)
    Perk: Close to Metal (one extra guess and 50% faster terminal cooldown while hacking)
    Likes: nice behavior, generosity, giving away items, computer hacking
    Dislikes: eating corpses, murdering non-hostiles, picking owned locks, pickpocketing and theft
  • X6-88 (Synth)
    Location: The Institute
    Perk: Shield Harmonics (+20% damage resistance vs. energy)
    Likes: computer hacking, armor and weapon monds, being peaceful, being selfish, using Power Armor, speech success
    Dislikes: generosity, giving items away, healing Dogmeat (aw!), alcohol and chem use, using Vertibird

The players will be able to build romantic relationships with the following companions:

  • Cait
  • Curie
  • Danse
  • MacCready
  • Piper
  • Preston