Apocalyptic CLOUD
Apocalyptic cloud stuns Brazilian residentsInstagram

A strange and scary looking cloud formed over Teixeira de Freitas city in Brazil on August 17 has left the residents puzzled. The bizarre cloud formation led some people to wonder if it was a formation of a tornado or some meteorite falling in the Brazilian city.

The cloud formation, which did not last long, initially looked like a massive meteorite trail or a massive tornado that just froze in time. João Paulo Magalhães from Teixeira de Freitas city shared the video of the scary looking cloud formation on Instagram and since then it has gone viral.

Magalhães shot the video at around 5 pm on Thursday. He told RT news that the "very unusual cloud remained only about four minutes, people were worried it would form a tornado. It really looked like the entrance to a meteorite or something."

Several others from the city shared the photo of the weird cloud formation. Some people even commented on the video shared by Magalhães saying that it is a work of God, while some said the "nature is perfect."

"They are signs of his coming .... Christ comes our only refuge is Jesus Christ .... in the there is salvation," one of the user commented on the video.

"Holograms of the North American NASA a plan Machiavellian empire the new world order," another user said.

Seria a formação de um tornado ou a entrada de um meteorito? #natureza #meteorito #tornado

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This is not the first time an incredible cloud formation has taken the internet by storm. In June, wave like cloud formation in the sky above southern Sweden stunned the residents.

The International Cloud Atlas described the cloud formation as "a long, typically low, horizontal, detached, tube-shaped cloud mass, often appearing to roll slowly about a horizontal axis. The roll cloud, volutus, is a soliton, not attached to other clouds and is an example of an undular bore."

Check out the apocalyptic cloud formation and wave-like cloud formation photos below.

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