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Conspiracy theorists strongly believe that alien life is a reality, and they argue that space agencies like NASA are well aware of the extraterrestrial visits to the earth. Now, several conspiracy theorists have started claiming that fallen angels depicted in the Bible could be most probably aliens from deep space.

Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadik, founder of the Koshertorah School revealed that fallen angels have played a crucial role in introducing the basic concepts of science and technology to humans.

"We know from the ancient legend of the Books of Enoch that there was a group of angels who descended to Earth in violation of divine law. They introduced to humanity, ways, means and knowledge – science and technology which we would not understand today," said Tzadik, reports.

He also added that the angels from deep space were in human form, and they literally looked like us.

In the meantime, William Henry, author of Lost Secrets of the Watchers has suggested that these fallen angels might be actually extraterrestrial aliens from Mars.

"For over a hundred years, mythologists have been contemplating this idea the Fallen Angels came from Mars to Earth. Even Dante described this in the Paradiso – he called this 'the fifth level of heaven'. Is it possible that these Fallen Angels came to Earth from Mars?" said Henry.

A few months back, Giorgio Tsoukalos, a television host popular for presenting Ancient Aliens in History Channel had revealed that humans might have misunderstood alien visitors as Gods. As per Tsoukalos, ancient humans had misinterpreted alien visitors as deities, and their advanced technologies were interpreted as divine magic.

Several conspiracy theorists had previously alleged that Gods depicted in myths, especially Greek and Hindu holy entities are also aliens from other planets.