Kangana Ranaut
Kangana RanautVarinder Chawla

Kangana Ranaut is not present on any social media platform, but a fake Twitter account with her name has been making some very nasty comments on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In order to make it appear authentic, the fake Twitter handle has a bio saying, "Actress. National Award Winner. I can't pretend to be sorry for things that I am not."

Created in the month of August, this fake Twitter account has been making anti-Modi and anti-BJP tweets. In its pinned tweet on Rohingya Muslims genocide, it apparently accuses PM Modi of killing Muslims.

"The whole world is raising voice for Rohingyas, except India. What else we can expect from the man who himself murdered so many Muslims," the tweet read. Just four tweets have been made so far from the account and all of them are against PM Modi and the BJP government.

"Media is under BJP's control, but the janta is not blind .. we can see that Army, on Modi's orders, is unjustly killing innocent Kashmiris," another tweet said. In one of the tweets, it is even said that RSS and BJP are threatening to kill her.

"..all those RSS & BJP extremists threatening to shoot me hear it I'm not afraid & if anything happens to me Modi will be responsible for it," it said. This fake account has over 2,500 followers, and the tweets are apparently having a good number of retweets as well.

To make things worse, Pakistani publication Daily Times quoted Kangana with the comment that is mentioned in the pinned tweet. It seems that the Pakistani daily got it published even without any cross-checking. A fan account of Kangana came across a screenshot of the daily, and tweeted to the publication, clarifying that this statement has been made by a fake account.