Whoever thought they left behind political decoys and body double conspiracy theories with the likes of Saddam Hussain. Think again. Just days before November the 3rd, the last debate and fact-checking that America needs is whether there's a Fake Melania Trump or not.

Melania Trump
The White House has only said that Melania Trump is suffering from a benign kidney condition and is yet to reveal other details.Reuters

But social media is social media, oscillating between its favourite pretend plays; that of playing moral police or Sherlock Holmes. But first, some background details.

The seeds of suspicion

In October 2017, President Trump and his First Lady are at a press conference in Puerto Rico. Till Donald Trump comes up with one of his classic 'Trumpisms', declaring, "My wife Melania who happens to be right here." 

Odd considering she was right next to him and everybody could see that. The forceful nodding by Melania helped strengthen the suspicion that had been now introduced. If that was odd, what would you call a Donald Trump announcing, "I just wanted to thank everybody…Melania really wanted to be with us," while she is standing right next to him.  Yep, he said that while in Florida.  

Will the fake First Lady please stand up?

The latest stimulus to the conspiracy came in when the couple is headed for the final Presidential debate at Nashville. A huge pair of black sunglasses hid a lot of the face of First Lady, but not the teeth, her smile, her walk and even the birth marks. Comparisons were both quick and ruthless, while speculations galore.

Fake Melania

Reasons, speculations, reactions…galore

Among those posting on social media happened to be filmmaker producer Andy Ostroy, who reasoned that the real Melania Trump won't travel with him anymore, because, "now that she knows he's gonna lose in a landslide and the divorce is imminent?! You be the judge."

When the future of a nation, or atleast its next four years, hangs onto the last few days, any employment of resources in the form of mind or energy over a fake or real Melania seem unnecessary and ridiculous. But social media has got to do its job.