Counterfeits are already on sale at a number of fake Apple stores in southern China ahead of the launch of the latest iPhone on 25 September.

Apple has only one official store and five authorised dealers in Shenzen. However, over 30 stores in the technology mall are carrying Apple's giant white logo.

With signs that read "authorised Apple resellers", some of these stores resemble Apple's signature white outlets whose employees can be seen wearing blue uniforms and wooden tables displaying an array of Apple product dummies from the iPad to the iWatch.

Although the shops have not put up the fake iPhone 6S on display openly, the replicas are produced to customers on enquiry at Shenzen city's technology mall.

Reuters reported that the counterfeits cost 580 yuan, which is a tenth of the real phone's price (6,088 yuan). The phones have an "S" engraved on the back, giving them an almost authentic look.

According to the sellers, the sales of counterfeits have been mediocre as they arrived less than a week ago. They have managed to sell less than 100 units.

Inquisitr has mentioned that as the phones are not iPhones, there are obvious drawbacks. They are slower for a new phone and the photos taken by them appear to be blurry. Also, they run on Android system even though the display appears similar to iOS.

Not all consumers are happy with the fake Apple products circulating in the market. Zheng Zhuangjian, 22, who works as a wholesaler of Apple products and is using an iPhone 6, said he would not buy counterfeits.

"I think if some people are short on money and want a 6S, then maybe they'll consider buying a fake phone. After all its appearance is 99.9% similar to a 6S. So it depends on the buyers. But I won't buy it. If you support fake goods, it means you're hurting the real ones," Zheng said.

Reuters has said that Market and Quality Supervision Commission of Shenzen, which monitors trading activities in the city such the breach of intellectual property rights, has not responded to their queries. No Apple personnel also commented on the issue.