Faissal Khan'

Actor, writer, director, soon to be a singer Faissal Khan is Aamir Khan's long-forgotten brother. He is known for his movie 'Mela' and few more films that he has been part of. 

Despite being Aamir Khan's brother, Faissal Khan has faced rejections, people in the industry didn't want to work with him, labelled him as 'mentally unstable.' But the actor didn't bow down and stood up stronger and better.

On the work front, Faissal is busy with his film 'Faactory' that will be releasing on an OTT platform soon. 

In an exclusive conversation with IBTimes, Faissal Khan spills the beans on struggling in the industry, despite being Aamir Khan's brother, how he battled against all the odds and penning his film and acting in it.

Faissal khan

How far has the post-production of your film Faactory reached?

This entire lockdown I was busy penning ideas as writing is a job that needs peace. I am glad I got a lot of time to focus on the script.  My film 'Faactory' that I'm directing and acting is on the verge of completion. Few patchworks here and there are left and looking at the scenario, we might release the film on an OTT platform.

Looking back at your journey, are you satisfied with the way your career has shaped up?

My journey is turning out to be good. The moment I decided to direct and act in my written films, I thought I found my groove in the industry. At last, I don't have to knock several doors and go by a director's vision.  I write my script and present it the way I want. Afterall people love cinema and if you don't have anything interesting to offer they won't come to cinemas halls to watch your films. Apart from direction what I discovered about myself was that I can sing as well.

Faissal Khan with mom

Struggles and mental health issue

After my first film, Madoosh didn't do well. I thought my acting was not at par. I decided to work on me and did theatre for 9 long years so that I could understand the nitty-gritty of acting. When Mela came my way I grabbed that oppournity with both hands. It's not like Mela fell into my lap. Dharmesh Darshan ji (director) came to see my play and then when he was thoroughly convinced only then I bagged the role. After Mela, I got offers from small films. Here I don't want to say a film is small or big but for me, I got a few projects that worked, some didn't work. I got some good roles and I performed to the best of my ability. I did a few daily soaps too. I started writing scripts and in the year 2008, Mr Haroon purchased my script and asked me if I could get big stars. To bag the project, I went to many actors knocking the door for a meeting. Nobody turned up and I lost the project. I didn't get any support from anyone. Many people in the industry believed that I am mentally unstable, rumours started floating about me. I dealt with everything, kept myself calm under all the circumstances and braved all.

Aamir Khan and Faissal khan

Did you get support from Aamir Khan?

Aamir did tell the directors that to work with me, but in the end, someone will not just take you because you are someone's son or daughter. You need to prove your mettle.

Did Aamir approach you for his film Laal Singh Chaddha?

I don't want to do character roles. I want to be the main lead. There was a time when I approached many actors nobody wanted to work with me. I don't depend on others for dates. Whether it's Aamir or anyone else, I will not take anything if the role isn't inresting. I'm very choosy of what I do. Aamir has his own mind and vision and I have my own.

Your take on mental health

Mental or physical health, at the end of the day heath is health. One should take care of it. Everybody goes through various issues in life. What if you are mentally sharp but lying on the bed like a vegetable? As an actor or otherwise to being physically fit is essential.

Has everything sorted between you, your family and Aamir Khan

We are on cordial terms. Things are fine now.