Police presents two people who were arrested in connection with the abduction and murder of the 13-year-old son of a jeweller before press in New Delhi, on Nov 25, 2014.IANS

Two persons have been arrested for the kidnapping and murder of a Delhi-based jeweller's thirteen-year-old son Utkarsh, whose body was found near a drain in Geeta Colony, in Delhi on 19 November.

"Pratap Singh Sisodiya, 22, and Siddharth Sharma, 24, were arrested from east Delhi's Geeta Colony and Gandhi Nagar area, respectively on Tuesday morning," an IANS report said.

Sisodiya was a failed actor who co-owned a call centre in Noida. In order to become the sole owner of the call centre and buy out his business partner, he had hatched a conspiracy along with Sharma to kidnap Utkarsh and demand ransom of ₹1 crore. Assisting him in the crime, Sharma arranged for fake ID proof and SIM card for Sisodiya.

"As Sisodiya was known to the victim, he lured the boy saying that some accident had occurred at his (victim) home and his father asked Sisodiya to pick him up," joint commissioner of police Sanjay Beniwal said.

"They took the boy on a motorcycle to Sisodiya's rented accommodation in Geeta Colony, where he lives with his female friend. They also offered the boy some banana shake to drink. In the evening when the boy started crying, they gave him cold drink laced with sedatives, strangled him and then dumped his body in a drain near the house," Beniwal added.

According to The Times of India, Utkarsh was alive when he was dumped in the gutter at Block 12, Geeta Colony. He died due to drowning as he was dumped with his head down, his autopsy report said.

Police was able to arrest the duo after interrogating several people known to Utkarsh's father, Mukesh Verma. After a a long interrogation, the two confessed to crime.

According to news reports, Sisodiya's girlfriend Urvashi was in the flat when he kidnapped and murdered Utkarsh. She told the police that she wasn't a part of the crime and was threatened to keep her mouth shut about the incident. Urvashi has been made the star prosecution witness of the crime.

Utkarsh Verma, a Class 8 student, was abducted November 18 while returning to his home in East Delhi's Gandhi Nagar.