gluten-free food
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You might have heard that 'gluten-free' foods are really good for health and might have even advised your friend to have the same but is it really healthy? Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire tried to find out the truth behind it and found that they are no different from other regular eatables.

The gluten-free diet has been said to be the favourite of various popular stars like Victoria Beckham Gwyneth Paltrow and Miley Cyrus making their fans follow the trend. Though stars and health-freaks are following this crazy trend, experts advise that it is not really a very wise course of action.

They conducted a study where they compared and assessed the cost and nutritional information of various food products by collecting the data from manufacturer and supermarket websites.

The study stated: "GF [gluten-free] food is unlikely to offer healthier alternatives to regular foods, except for those who require a GF diet for medically diagnosed conditions, and it is associated with higher costs".

When the researchers compared the nutrient constituents, they found that gluten-free food contains more sugar, salt, and saturated fat as compared to other regular food items. Experts have also warned that having gluten-free food unnecessarily might increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The findings come after gastroenterologist Dr Suzanne Mahady, a senior lecturer, of Monash University, recently said that only those who are diagnosed with coeliac disease should follow the strict diet.

It was also noted in the study that gluten-free foods had lower fibre and protein content and the cost difference between two also varies a lot. According to The Independent, there was approximately 159 percent difference between their costs.