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On the occasion of Varamahalakshmi, many posts are making the rounds of KR Market, which usually comes alive at this time of the year. This has alarmed netizens who are seeing the visuals where absolutely no social distancing is being followed.

The BBMP, on the other hand, has issued that KR Market has been shut and will remain closed till August 31st. Therefore, netizens have questioned the veracity of these videos online. 

The claim

On Friday morning a video came to light on Twitter of KR Market. This video showed a large crowd of people moving about the marketplace in Bengaluru, as someone shot the scene. Shot on a mobile phone in portrait mode, we can hear people talking about the Varamahalakshmi celebrations in the background as well.

This video has been sent to many as a WhatsApp forward as well. Netizens, however, doubt that this video belongs to 2020. Some have found it similar and familiar to a video from 2019. However, it's also creating panic during the pandemic about social distancing and the lack of guidelines being followed.

Video of KR Market

The confusion was further spurred as yesterday, there was some confusion after a media house showed pictures from KR Puram market as those of KR Market, of buyers on the street preparing for Varamahalakshmi. Despite the media house issuing a clarification, the news continued to spread.

Verification of the claim

To assess whether this video holds merit, we conducted a search on YouTube for videos on KR Market, upon searching we found the same video uploaded in August 2019 on the occasion of Varamhalakshmi.

We can confirm this video is a part of that one as the angles and the clip with the same voiceover has been used on Twitter this time around. This video was published by Oneindia's YouTube channel as well last year in August, 11 months ago. 

Tweet on Video of KR Market

Moreover, BBMP Commissioner Manjunatha Prasad has issued a statement on Twitter, "KR Market & Kalisapalya will continue to be closed till August 31, 2020." He further wrote, "Due to the spread of coronavirus, the current sealed down period at KR Market & Kalasi Palya Market has been extended till 31-08-2020. This decision has been made to prioritize safety." 

BBMP commissioner tweet
@BBMPCOMM on Twitter

Perhaps internet users need to be wary of what lands up on their screens before sharing it with someone else or on a public platform, less they spread fake news unknowingly.

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